T: +31 71 40 22 449


Industrieterrein ‘t Heen
Nijverheidstraat 20
2222AV Katwijk
Zuid-Holland, Nederland

A Dutch family business of craftsmanship, that has been working for generations on optimizing both the quality and the design of its products. We do everything in-house, from designing new models to developing new colors. We take trends, and following trends just as seriously as delivering a high quality end-product.

Ecri ceramics: generations of a family business with the craft at heart.

We manufacture our products from the best raw materials around, in order to guarantee an excellent quality.

Because of the craftsmanship built up in the history of Ecri, we are capable of producing small, but also very large sized products. And because we develop our colours ourselves, we can accommodate almost any combination of colours.

In addition we bake at very high temperatures (about 1250 °C) achieving a water-resistant and durable end-result. In short: from us for you, only the best!

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