MD (DekoCandle)

MD’s keywords are exclusive, quality, exceptional customer service, best available products and dependability. And above all, the right atmosphere with the right product!

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Dutz Collection

At Dutz collection you will find beautifully hand-crafted glassware. DutZ collection offers timeless and playful designs in a wide variety of colours.

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Ecri Living

A Dutch family business of craftsmanship, that has been working for generations on optimizing both the quality and the design of its products.

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TC Style

TC Style

Tcstyle is a design company and therefore unique in home furnishings. By looking for natural materials and then turning them into a new and special object in their studio.

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CraftZZ stands for craftsmanship. For small producers and enthusiastic craftsmen who make decorative and exclusive accessories according to traditional methods, by hand

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In contrast to the current trend of globalization, consumers have an increasing need for individuality and identity. Attention to quality and authenticity. Attention to the story. As a result, the demand for distinctive and exclusive products made of wood, glass, ceramics, gold, silver, textile and leather is also growing

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Mineral Series

The Mineral Series is the result of research into stalagmites, one of the greatest wonders of nature. The growing process of the objects can be seen as a metaphor for time. Each object is unique in shape, colour and texture, due to the organic development of the object.

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Umo Art & Design

Art is more than just wall decoration; it is an expression of identity, style and personality. At Umo Art & Design, we understand this better than anyone. As a professional art wholesaler we offer our dealers unique, high-quality art.

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The Zaconi collection is known for timeless, pure and contemporary designs. The designs transcend trends and illuminate spaces with a fascinating appeal, a jewel for the table.

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Bloemengroothandel van der Vijver

As a family owned company with years of experience in selecting the best quality, we are very excited to join the high-end brands that are represented at MAD-Events.

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logo 2019

O4 Home

O4Home offers an exclusive collection vases, planters, trays and other interior objects and accessories. The combination of pure materials and elegant designs makes an unique and premium range of interior products. Not only designed with passion, but also made by skillful and passionate craftsmen

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Duran Interiors

Duran Lighting & Interiors has been making exclusive lampshades, furniture and accessories since 1987. All designs are by Frank and Ellen Duran and are manufactured with an eye for quality and detail.

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Anke van Goor

With over twenty years of experience in the interior industry, I can still get lyrical about a new collection. From the beautiful brocatelles of Prelle, which has been around since 1752. From the creativity of Gastón y Daniela, founded in 1876 but eternally young. From Kit Miles’ sublime sense of color and Jonathan Adler’s cheerful accessories

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Ester & Erik

very single ester & erik candle is a small piece of genuine craftsmanship.
A natural product that is beautiful to look at, made with care and produced from the purest wax available – nothing more, nothing less.

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Logo PaperArt positief breed_roze

Paper Art

Paper Art has been the trendsetter in ‘Art of Giving products’ such as greeting cards, gift cards, gift packaging, condolence and minicards since 1985. All products are developed in our own Paper Art studio and distributed to more than 10 countries in Europe. Our distribution partners include retailers such as florists and Lifestyle shops, wholesalers and exporters!

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Ping He Art

Ping He Art makes joyful and vivid original watercolour art and also fine art stationery, homeware & gifts featuring stunning watercolour artwork by Ping He. Inspired by nature, produced with respect featuring eco-friendly and sustainable materials.

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Piffany Copenhagen - Full Logo

Piffany Copenhagen

Piffany Copenhagen is a Danish design company committed to bringing unique designs to life through ethical, considered craftsmanship. Striving to achieve the balance between functional practicality and minimal elegance, every part of every piece has purpose and personality.

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Haans Lifestyle

At HAANS Lifestyle, we bring the feeling of home to life with timeless, unique, high-quality and personal home accessories. Your style, our touch.

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Studio Zar

Nestled in the heart of the Netherlands, Studio Zar stands as a testament to the fusion of elegance, creativity, and craftsmanship in the world of mouth-blown glass

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logo onshus

Ons Hus

Yardena Grifhorst and Peggy Mes opened their design studio in 2004. Every single home accessory they produce is an original piece based on a unique design.

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This is exactly what we mean, applied daily and fully, although it may perhaps sound a little flippant. Bringing light to the lives of our customers is nothing short of our vocation, and we are committed to a goal: Design for Life.

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