MD (DekoCandle)

MD’s keywords are exclusive, quality, exceptional customer service, best available products and dependability. And above all, the right atmosphere with the right product!

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At Dutz collection you will find beautifully hand-crafted glassware. DutZ collection offers timeless and playful designs in a wide variety of colours.

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Ecri Living

A Dutch family business of craftsmanship, that has been working for generations on optimizing both the quality and the design of its products.

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RL Design


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Umo Art Gallery

Inspiriring photos, provided with plexiglass. More and more interior designers are discovering the power of photo art. It provides a sleek but attractive decoration of various spaces and is popular with both the business and private market.

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meisterwerke logo


Our love of art and textiles requires that we create unique and bespoke objets de désir. Every limited piece that we have created is designed, woven and embroidered ⎯ all while steeped in the grand tradition of Flemish artisanship and innovation. The time has come for slow living objects.

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TC Style

TC Style

Tcstyle is a design company and therefore unique in home furnishings. By looking for natural materials and then turning them into a new and special object in their studio.

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CraftZZ stands for craftsmanship. For small producers and enthusiastic craftsmen who make decorative and exclusive accessories according to traditional methods, by hand

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Colours and Green

From here the most beautiful and exclusive flowers from all over the world find their way to all possible destinations.

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logo 2019

04 Home

O4Home offers an exclusive collection vases, planters, trays and other interior objects and accessories. The combination of pure materials and elegant designs makes an unique and premium range of interior products. Not only designed with passion, but also made by skilful and passionate craftsmen.

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Duran Interiors

Duran Interiors has been making exclusive lampshades, furniture and accessories since 1987. All designs are by Frank and Ellen Duran and are manufactured with an eye for quality and detail.

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With over twenty years of experience in the interior industry, I can still get lyrical about a new collection. From the beautiful brocatelles of Prelle, which has been around since 1752.

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JML Collection

he tables are purely French design based on models from the 1940s and 1950s. The vases are all signed by the artist. We always want to be unique to the customer.

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World of Some

Information will follow

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In contrast to the current trend of globalization, consumers have an increasing need for individuality and identity. Attention to quality and authenticity. Attention to the story. As a result, the demand for distinctive and exclusive products made of wood, glass, ceramics, gold, silver, textile and leather is also growing

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