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Bellevuestraat 30
9050 Ledeberg – Belgium

Old world traditions with a modern face

Our love of art and textiles requires that we create unique and bespoke objets de désir. Every limited piece that we have created is designed, woven and embroidered all while steeped in the grand tradition of Flemish artisanship and innovation. The time has come for slow living objects. We offer art and design that enhances every interior in a unique and artful way. The room dividers and panels from Meisterwerke will bring undisputed elegance and esteemed style to your personal interior, boutique or design hotel.

Historians Our inspiration comes from the historical portraits of noble men and noble ladies of the Middle Ages, giving them a decorative but contemporary sleeve tattoo. Their Mona Lisa smile projects an image of the indefinable tensions between the past and the present. It is as though you are drawn into the presence of an imaginary construct that cannot possibly be real. 

Bespoke With our bespoke services, we offer you the ability to translate your ideas and dreams further than ever before. Together we can explore the many nuances of techniques and materials, as well as a dazzling range of colors.

Technique  The long forgotten craft of Tapestry holds the unique possibility of interweaving its own 5 warp and 4 weft yarns into over 90 different bindings, different colors shades or different structures. One could compare it to the art of pointillism where every color is created by a mixture of small dots intermingling before ones eyes. Our talented designers are masters of this technique giving the yarns and therefore the cloth a refined and unique dimension.

Craftsmanship as Art Craftsmanship, traditional techniques and creativity: these are the inherent values of the Meisterwerke collection. True craftsmanship is rare in modern times. Our master artisans possess skills handed down over many generations. We bring together the best modern practices and the ancient artistic values that we at Meisterwerke personify.

Accoustics Reducing the level of noise in our habitat is one of the biggest challenges we face today. Our room dividers and panels have the highest levels of sound absorption and noise control.