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Rosendahl design group

Bjorn Wiinblad

For the love of lavish

With its adventurous expression, characteristic style, and vibrant, colourful universe, Bjørn Wiinblad is an intrinsic part of Danish design history.

An unparalleled design house whose peculiar,
enticing characters and imaginative motifs to this day bring life and joy to homes and public spaces all over the world.

The grandly decorated ladies and subtle, mythological creatures; the graceful faience and magnificent candle holders, glasses, and bowls represent Bjørn Wiinblad’s originality and love for play and fantasy. Born of a creative mind that has resulted
in a brand that stands tall within Danish ceramics and design.

Bjørn Wiinblad’s motifs are a tribute to understated opulence. Telling the story of a functional design language
so adventurous, so magical, that it’s impossible
not to share in the joy.

Lyngby Porcelain

Since being founded in 1936, Lyngby Porcelain has left a lasting impression on Danish design.

The characteristic green monogram on the bottom of every Lyngby Porcelain product tells a story of classic handmade Danish porcelain with tradition at its very core
– for a look that is both iconic and timeless.

And so, with its unique expressions, elegant lines, refined fluted patterns, and beautiful, modern rhombuses, Lyngby Porcelain has been the preferred choice for design-loving homeowners for decades.

Why? Because Lyngby Porcelain is pleasing to the eye and has left a lasting impact on Denmark’s design and crafts scene; with its proudly artisanal traditions and modern approach to design, it impresses and fascinates everyone who can get their hands on a piece.

Lyngby Porcelain offers the perfect blend of minimalism and perfectionism, allowing generation after generation to experience a sense of admiration, respect, and joy.

That is why we say: Lines of perfection




Kähler was founded in 1839, when Herman Kähler opened a ceramics

workshop in Nœstved. However, it was not until his son Herman À. Kähler

joined the workshop that it became world famous for its unique designs

and artistic ceramics.

Since 1885. Kähler has invited many artists inside.

And the workshop’s hospitality and many different artists are today

what forms that foundation of Kähler.

Though Kähler has grown as a design collective with multiple associated

artists, the philosophy and approach have never changed.

We continue to create all the products with our point of departure

in Kähler’s handmade design traditions.



Kay Bojesen is synonymous with original Danish craftsmanship and design, taking its point of departure in humour and imagination, always focusing on the smiling lines.

The classic designs that have been created based on Kay Bojesen’s original figures represent craftsmanship at its finest. Through the smiling lines, soft shapes and humour, Kay Bojesen’s figures and designs take inspiration from the world around them.

And in the meeting between crafts and humour, Kay Bojesen creates original stories made of wood.




Holmegaard is a world of glass where original designs and good craftsmanship are the foundation of every classic we know and admire.

Based on 200 years of proud, mouth-blown craft traditions, we create beautiful and elegant glass products that shine quality and style.

It has always been part of Holmegaard’s DNA that everyone should be able to own a Holmegaard glass. And after 200 years of design and craftsmanship, most people in Denmark have owned, or know someone who owns, Holmegaard glass.

Reflections in glass

MelMath Agency

House of Brands

MelMath Agency: house of brands – inspired by you and selected for you!

We are a Benelux Design agency for mainly Scandinavian brands. We select our portfolio carefully. Every brand has a history and a story to tell.

We do believe in a selective distribution with respect for local retailers and in good balance with all new channels and opportunities.

Our brands are sophisticated and most of all timeless. They are perfect to decorate your interior or ideal as a gift. It’s all about the story and the details!