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This is exactly what we mean, applied daily and fully, although it may perhaps sound a little flippant. Bringing light to the lives of our customers is nothing short of our vocation, and we are committed to a goal: Design for Life. Translated, this means that we are mainly concerned not only with lighting your living areas with unusual luminaires, lamps and innovative accessories, but also with lighting up a little your entire life!

To this end, we select our products with a meticulous instinct for exclusive lifestyle. We track down trendy highlights. Worldwide. And then develop them further with our designers, manufacture and distribute them as part of high-quality collections. In this process, and as a matter of principle, only that which convinces us completely and with which we would furnish our own private residences receives our approval. You might say: aesthetic and functional precision landings. And because inspiring interior design is our declared passion, we carry it with a great dedication to detail into the world of our customers. Sompex has long enjoyed the status of an independent brand: creative, targeted, affordable and with a high demand on quality.